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*Photo of Monk's House Garden taken from door of Woolf's bedroom*

Thursday, August 26, 2010

“ A Sketch of the Past” --Things to Think About

-->Pattern of Censorship: do you see a pattern in what Leaksa choose to exclude from the text? (Leaska is a traditional, old-fashioned Woolf scholar)
-->Text itself (Not just what it tells her about her life, though that is important)

  • Plot – What is the structure of this piece? Is there any?

  • How does she organize her thoughts? Do you see patterns of repetition, climax etc?

  • Is there any way this is structured like a novel? Or is it more like a poem?

  •  Character

  • Who are the most important people in her life? (we’ll need to think about to what degree they show up again in her novels)

  •   How does Woolf see character and the possibility of knowing character? How does she describe others?

  • How does Woolf present herself as a character? What are some of the characteristics of the autobiographical narrator?

  • Theme – Can we use “Sketch” as a way of beginning to identify the major themes/concerns in Woolf’s work? Start a list.

  •   Northrop Frye believes the thematic content of a work is often carried through is imagery. Do you find any repeated patterns of images in “Sketch”? What are these images about?

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